Thuy Tran is a London-based visual curator, fine art agent and consultant.

Thuy Tran Fine Art specialises in contemporary paintings and sculptures, with a special emphasis on renowned Asian artists, specifically Vietnamese artists. Her inventory appeals to the established as well as the novice collector.

Located in the heart of Chelsea, London, Thuy Tran guides clients through every sector of the Asian art market, enabling them to buy and sell with absolute confidence. 


Thuy has drawn on her cultural background to help emerging artists from Vietnam break through the cultural boundaries and into the European market. The appreciation she has for her country and its culture run deep within her veins. Although she is living in London, she is always thinking of home and uses her expertise to showcase her appreciation for the art form.

“My biggest passion and goal is to showcase Vietnamese art and culture to the world, starting with the European market. 
I am deeply proud of my country, specifically the established art scene, which is why I have decided to fill the missing void of Vietnamese Artwork in an international art capital like London, and draw new attention to the established and renowned.
This is both challenging and fascinating, and I am excited to embark on this journey."
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