Artist Son Anh Tran

Son Anh Tran is a Vietnamese contemporary multidisciplinary artist who graduated summa cum laude from The Hanoi University of Fine Arts, Vietnam. He has since presented his meditative paintings and sculptures in numerous joint and solo exhibitions around the world.

Son began his fine arts training at the tender age of 10. Using a variety of materials, Son's work explores the beauty of love, the contemplation of religion and the quiet reflection of living in the moment, specialising in contemporary oil paintings and sculptures.


Inspired mainly by Buddhism, Son examines the foundations of love, traverses the spectrum of colour and detail in the religious meditation of his work.

Son believes an artist is simply someone who wants to identify his ultimate emotions, stream out smoothly and gracefully, or sometimes blow up vehemently with the deepest emotions in every brush stroke.

Creating art as a byproduct of his passion, Son cherishes the relationships in his life and loves to explore the natural bonds between humans. He likes to learn about potential buyers of his art, hear about their lives, their stories and explore how his work can fit into their own narratives.


Son lives with five puppies in a garden house surrounded by lush green and abundant with wildflowers and plants in West Hanoi, Vietnam.

“Some people think that the definition of abstraction is something hard to imagine and describe in words. But to me, abstraction is simply itself. It does not follow any constant rules. It is the most ambiguous thing at its essence," he says.

"The more we try to understand its meaning the more we get lost. That is the reason why abstract art is the closest to us humans, but also the farthest..."


"The dream"
"Breathe the pain"
"Scattered pieces adorn the earth"
"Waiting I"
"Placed in motion"
"Father and Son"
"Father and Son"