Artist Tang Xuan Doan


Tang Doan Xuan was born in the Nam Dinh province of Vietnam in 1977, and graduated from the Hanoi Fine Art University in 2001. Tang draws inspiration from images forged during his early adolescent years, and he is widely recognised for his ability to capture the unique beauty, strength and melancholy of people from the indigenous hill tribes. Using bold colours and bravura brushwork, as well as streaks to obscure or exaggerate personal facial features, Tang forgoes the idea of painting a "perfect" beauty, and instead strives to focus on the beauty that comes from within. A personal history is almost always foretold through the eyes of his impending subjects.


Tang’s impressionistic paintings favour the observations of an ethnographer’s memories within indigenous terrain. By seeking creative inspiration in native landscapes, Tang joins the likeness of artists Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, and Andre Derain.


Tang ties in emotional qualities within his paintings to draw the viewer further into his narrative in the same way that poetic field notes serve as part documentation and part expression. Most importantly, Tang’s passionate work translates his experiences of studying the cultural landscapes of the remote mountainous Northwest Vietnam, luring us above and underneath the surface to see the beauty in historical topography and culture.


Tang’s vivid imagery details memories, narratives and customs, and he tributes the mountainous regions of Vietnam as an inspiration to modernist thought and his own cultural history. He uses contrasting paint streaks with representational details, while connecting symbolic references from the past to the future. His paintings are a constant reminder that our view of portraiture and cultural surroundings can be pushed to include images that are full of energetic colors, lines, and textures.


Tang’s abstract paintings place you in a constant dreamlike state, including relics from a historic time that have been reclaimed through line and mark. Like ancient scenes on screen the light in each painting flows in and out with tones that fade into its surroundings with delicate strokes of gleaming lights that hover over each image in a sacred harmony.


His work has been exhibited in prestigious Vietnamese shows such as UNESCO Art Exhibition, Fine Arts Exhibition, alongside group exhibitions in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, The US, Dubai and London.